Selin D.

    25, Female

    music teacher, creative drama leader, musician, animator.

    Language(s): English, Italian
Last online: More than 2 weeks ago

I worked primary school and High school. after ı resigned my worked because I learnt ıf you are master student, you can go Italy by Erasmus Program and I passed exam and give up my house, work, life, money. I never be regret :)ı think that year the best year of my life :) also I worked in Hotel 2 summer seasons. I was member of ''Animation Team'' Music is my life. I like so much depend to music things. dance, musical, concert, life music... I play flute, piano and a little bir guitar. also I want to play Bouzuki. I'm learning Tango and Italian language :) I don't afraid to try new things. ıf you don't try you never known :)


I have lived in Italy for 1 year. I started to travel last year in Italy. I liked so much :) now I'm waiting to my visa to come back Italy. When ı was way ı met wonderful people so ı want to help like me people :) if you come here join me you don't be regret :)


Music, Travel, Dance, Drama, Children.


Italy, Hungary, Greece.

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