Javid E.

    25, Male

    Criminal Law @ Utrechts University

    Law Student and Antropology student. Besides this I got a degree in positive energy.

    English, Dutch, Persian, German to a certain extend, learning Spanish.
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Hello everyone! I'm Javid! Nice to meet you guys! I'm just an ordinary student with some big dreams! Anyway i'm 23 years old and like to show you my city. This because I bet there aren't many out there who REALLY know what they are talking about. I , for instance, can show you all the good coffeeshops and good clubs/bars (I used to be a batender, you are in good hands folks!) On the other hand, I can tell you in a fun way about the history of Amsterdam. As well as the architecture - I found out that many visitors want to know more about the architecture (well you just found your man! haha). One of my best friends lives at the Red light District, so i know this area by heart. More about myself: People would describe me as a fun, adventurous, social, and a smart guy with some tendecies to do impulse yet unexpected things. I'm always up for a good chat!


Since someone on Couchsurfing advised me to give tours. She had a fantastic time (not my words haha). I thought, yeah why not? I havent go anything to lose? I can provide you from some precious insiders (read: local) information. And for myself, I study antropology, so i dedicated a hole study to 'communicate and observe' diffrent people from diffrent cultures. So you guys help me aswell! I just see it as a Win-Win situation.


I actually got allot of interests. But i'm learning to play guitar at the moment - which i find very cool to do. Besides this i used to make 'beats' on my laptop using a producing program (Fl studio). In general you can say i like music :P Besides that i like to sport. More precise: martial arts. I love boxing and Kickboxing. I used to do Kuk Sool Won when i was younger. I like to play chess. I like watching movies in general. I like those deep conversations you can't have with everyone. If you don't know what I mean, you probably haven't had one (yet). To summarize all: i find life interesting - (sorry for the level of corniness).


United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Austria.


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