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I'm Italian, huge animals lover, good kitchen fan, and... Travel addicted. I work in tourism since I could do it. Because THIS, is what I want to do! I have always been involved in multicultural environment and I find joy in staying with people from different countries but most of all transmitting the emotions which I felt every first time I went in a new place. Since many months ago I moved into this magic city: I ride my bike through Amsterdam and every time I am in ecstasy because this city can really leave you without breath! For me a tour is a bouquet of passion and emotions, like when you smell a colorful bouquet of tulips…


Because of... Insid'AMS! Insid’AMS is not a simple page. It's a project born from my passion for travel and my desire to let the people enjoy their time here as I'm doing. Inside and, of course,Amsterdam are the 2 key words that characterize my adventure here. I don't want just to tell you stories about Amsterdam and informations that you can read on book guides, I want you to LIVE Amsterdam. Maybe for 2 hours, maybe half day… But this is it. You have to be inside it. My expectation is to transmit to people what I feel everyday: from the beginning of the day when I take my bike and I cycle to go to work in the city that is waking up, when during the day you walk into a street market and you can smell the just baked bread or look at the colorful tables of vegetables, until the end of the day, with the city lights turned on... I would like that with my tours people can enjoy this city with a touch of myself! For more visit Insid'AMS website!


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