Ana G.

    Immigration Consultant

    Language(s): Spanish and English.
Last online: 2 months ago

I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. Moved to Australia eight years ago and lived in Mackay, Brisbane, Wollongong and now Sydney. Earlier this year started my own business providing advice on how to migrate to Australia. I work from home so that means I can be anywhere and that is why I have been travelling across Canada for the last four months. My next stop will be my hometown of Medellin where I will be spending three months. Although I haven't lived there for many years, I still know the "basics" of the city and what I don't know, I can find. So come join me in Medellin for now, and next year in Sydney! Note: I know the website gives me the option to create tours but I actually want them to evolve organically. What does that mean? That if you contact me, we can discuss your interests and what I can do for you. If we agree, we go on the tour and voila! that will become my very first tour offer. If a second person comes along and likes that tour...all good, but if they want something different, then that will create my second tour and so forth...makes sense? :) I estimate tours will be around $50 for 2 hours.


Three reasons: 1. I want to supplement my income. As a new entrepreneur, clients and money don't really fall from the sky! 2. I enjoy the freedom of not having a 9-to-5, office job so finding opportunities that I can accommodate when it better suits me is great thing for me 3. Although I could get myself a job in my profession, it is already quite a stressful one so I want to balance my working life by doing something that is more fun, creative and that would allow me to go out and meet people...believe it or not I am an introvert but showing people around and telling them bits of nerdy trivia is something that I have enjoyed since my university years when I was part of a global student organisations and we would tour people around our city


Food, animals, fashion, immigration, performing arts.


Canada, US, Colombia, Venezuela, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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