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Staying in Oslo since 2011. Met the terrorist attack in 2011 (No worries, he is a crazy local.) and met gun robbery (drugs addicted people who seek money for drugs) some years ago in Australia. You know what. When people tell you it is safe in this world, it is the risk. Following my suggestion, then you would find the best and safty place for traveling. Most importantly, time is limited. Like the movie interstellar. Everyone said it is expensive in Oslo. No. Lets have fun in Oslo. I take care Startup as well, hope I can meet more friends via this platform for helping each others.


Why not. We have the best view of the city, as most of the building (including hotel) had no terrace as it is a snowing country. However, our building is special. You can enjoy the skyline from our building. Sun bath or watching Northern Nights from our roof. We also have sunbath BED, so , enjoy your time, as it is including in our travel. If you need cheap accomdation, I can also give you advice for that. as it is expensive cost if you dont know how to choose the best one.


Hey. We also can arrange 3EUR boat trip. If you are good person, I will charge you nothing.


Australia, Hong Kong, Denmark , Norway, Sweden, etc.


Travel Plans

      From: Oslo
      To: Oslo
      Welcome to cook something here, as you can enjoy the local food here. I will give you a tour guide on mapping as you can maximize your time and enjoyment in the trip. I can also give travel advice for you in Denmark, Paris Disney, Sweden, etc. as my knowledge base cover over 1000km that can make your trip more efficient instead of wasting time reading your map. / google map. +Read More
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