Melissa S.

    29, Female

    Race, Ethnicity & Conflict @ Trinity College Dublin

    Trust & Safety Content Review Specialist

    English, Finnish, Russian, French, Swedish, German
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I'm Melissa, a 26-year old blond mess keeping the internet safe by day and flooding it with seriously questionable content as a travel blogger by night. A Finnish serial migrant currently residing in Dublin and trying to learn the ways of the Irish, succeeding with incredible mediocrity. Outside my position as a professional blooper and a committed antihero of wandering nomads, I'm a trust & safety content review specialist at one of the biggest technology giants in the world. Seriously into Photoshop, web design, video games and hiking! Also wine. All of it.


There isn't a better way to get to know a place than with a local. They are able to show you the side of their city that cannot truly be captured by travel guides or tourist buses, and that's what I'm eager to explore.


Travel, hiking, video games, cooking, wine, computers, languages, literature


Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, United States, Iceland


Travel Plans

      From: Dublin
      To: Glasgow
      I've previously been to Edinburgh, and now I'm expanding my exploration of Scotland to Glasgow. If you can point me to the direction of the nearest haggis, I'll be more than happy! (still haven't tasted that) +Read More
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      • Looking for: Local Guddy / Food Walker / Pub Crawler / Hommy Chef
      • In Glasgow

      Arrive: 2017-09-08

      Depart: 2017-09-10

      about 3 years ago

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