Cyndi N.

    30, Female

    International Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship @ Chapman University

    Business Development Director

    English, Vietnamese, Chinese
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Hey everyone! This is Cyndi, a day dreaming and a wanderlust type of girl. I love, I meant obsessed with traveling around the world and discover new places everywhere even in my own country. I just went back to Vietnam 2 years ago from beautiful, sunny California (I still miss it so so bad). All I did here mainly traveling to all beautiful places in Vietnam, especially being close to the ocean (Cuz I have an unexplainable love with the beaches) and discover all of the coolest, and the most delicious restaurants and bars in the city. If you wanna ask someone where to go, what to eat, and how to have fun in this busy, modern city, you definitely find a right person (Proven by my local, and expat friends cuz they always asked me for an advice for real). Beside that, I'm a very open-minded, friendly, and fun human-being to be around. Some of my foreigner friends even said if there is an app to rank the quality of tour-guide service, I would be 5 start on tripadvisor. So you can have no worries to experience this amazing city with me, even any hotspots in Vietnam. Are you ready to have the best tour-guide to discover HoChiMinh City? I'm sure to know all of hidden bars, restaurants, and street food that you would be so surprising.


I know traveling to another country, or new places would be very challenging, especially if you don't speak the language but you want to get the best, and the most unique experience not in a tourist version. Therefore, I wanna help people to discover my country, my city just like me because I have spent my two years here just to get the best out of it. I love to see how people happy to travel to all attractions and destinations that I show them. It makes me smile and feel good about myself.


foodie, sweet taste, love beaches, party girls, shopaholic...


Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Korea, Combodia, America (California, Los Angeles, NewYork, Boston...)


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