Grace D.

Grace D.



    28, Female

    Master degree in law @ Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milan

    Trainee in a law firm

    English, Spanish, Italian
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I am from Catania, in Sicily I lived also in Ragusa for a while, but my hometown is Catania, that's an amazing city. I love to travel, cultural exchange, nature, talk about everything, party and help people with whatever they need. In life I have a master rule: to put love in whatever I do and give love to whoever I meet, cause if you give love, is love what you receive! I am really open minded so I go along with all kind of people even those really different from me. All my family and friends have visited me several times so I unintentionally became a guide of this amazing city and had the chance to see everything this city can offer! In Sicily sightseeing is always more than “just” sightseeing: it’s the combination of history, a balmy climate and a vibrant contemporary eating, drinking and shopping scene that gives this island of wine, citrus fruits and ancient landscapes such all-year-round appeal.


I'm on local buddy because, I love to travel and taste everything that one place can offer me the most. So I really enjoy to offer people from outside my city or even my country the best experience they can ever have once in my city! When I hear "it was the best vacation I could ever expect" when they are leaving, feel like the best payment! And it happened several times already!


Party, beaches, nature, traveling, knowing people, movies, musicals, culture exchange, food, helping people, volunteering, religion, and a lot of more!!!!


United States, Belgium, Spain, Malta, Netherlands, Greece, Germany.


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