Supreeya S.

    21, Female

    French, English, Thai, Italian and a little bit of German as I studded it at school.
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Hello, I'm Supreeya, I'm 21 years old and I've been living in Paris since I'm in High School. After High School graduation, I studded two years the English Literature and Civilization but now I'm taking a year off to discover more about the world of work and to get new professional experiences before going back to University next year. It's been now 6 years that I live in Paris, I use to do everything in this city, I'm used to hang out with my friends in Paris, to go to national parks in sunny days, clubs, bars, shopping, restaurants, museums, art expositions, national events, concerts, all of those activities and more can explain why I know this city as my own pocket whether in day or night ! I know almost all the best places to go, according to what you need and what you want to do when you come in Paris. I'm also used to meet in my daily days a lot of tourists in Paris that ask for help when they're lost or that question about the places and monuments they should visit and I always do my best to advice them or help them. I love to discover and learn things, I'm interested in a lot of subjects as art, photography, cinema, traveling, learning foreign languages and cultures, fashion, food, etc,... I'm serious in my work but I'm also a funny smiley person, people never get bored with me ! I'm very sociable and love to meet new people and share with them, so it will be a real pleasure to me to guide you on a tour through Paris to make you spend a nice trip here and I promise you that after one tour with me as a your guide that you will know absolutely everything you must know about this city and you'll know how to move and where to go in Paris as a real Parisian ! See you soon !



Photography, cinema, fashion, foreign cultures, foreign languages, Art, architecture, traveling, food, etc... I like to discover and learn things to share them with the people I meet !


Great Britain (London, Oxford, New Castle) Thailand Amsterdam


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