Marcos R.

    49, Male

    Post graduate - MBA Business Management @ Business Administration - Marketing

    Consult Marketing

    Language(s): English , Spanish a little bit
Last online: More than 2 weeks ago

I am a easy going person, I love to be with people, different cultures, ideas, way to see things, different points of view, I love to travel, I am a happy man, I believe we have to live the most we can in this life, because we will not leave this life alive... So, we must forgive quickly, do not keep anything bad in your heart, and try to find the best of each person... That way you will attract a nice and positive atmosphere around...


Because nowadays I have time to do this kind of occupation that I love, actually, I am a citzen of the world, I used to live in NY, Hawaii and Australia, and I have been travelling around, France, Spain-Madri, Grécia, Turkey, Indonesia , Bali, Chile, Argentina, Uruguai... So I have time and experience nowadays to show places to people, to make than feel good about the things we can share, learn and teach them, interact, make than happy and satisfied.


Travelling with people like a guide, receive them, interact with those people and try to show the best I can to make their trip be unforgettable.


USA, Spain, France, Australia, Indonesia-Bali, Grécia, Turkey, Chile, Argentina, Uruguai, Cancun

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