Lucien M.

    28, Male

    Education science @ Université Paris 5, ESPE Paris

    Former teacher, between two jobs. I want to become a guide!

    French and english
Last online: 10 days ago

Hello! My name is Lucien, and i am a Parisian. I have always been looking forward to sharing what I learned: that is the reason I became a teacher ! Now, I am really passionate about Paris and it is a pleasure to share my knowledge of its history and city life from antic times to our days. I would love to show you around the city of lights, answer your questions and give you the best piece of advice for a truly authentic stay!


I want to share my experiences of Paris and improve my English. So if you look for authentic French accent, you just found your guy. I just begin with local guddy but I have a long experience on couchsurfing! I would like to live my passion and local guddy could help me!


I am passionate about history and Paris, about all the today life everywhere in the world and the old life from other times. I love meeting new people, making friends around the world, discovering new culture. I love good food, drinking and laughing with friends. I love nerdy things, like fantasy books and role playing games. I have a strange passion for very bad movies.


France, Germany,England,Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Lithuania,Latvia, Estonia, Canada, Japan, Korea....


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