Andrew W.

    34, Male

    Tourism Management @ Manchester, England

    Tour Guide, Group Event Planner, Travel Agent

    English Native
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Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out my profile, I hope it leads to the opportunity to meet in person on your travels to Amsterdam. Born and raised in Manchester, UK, I am currently living in Amsterdam after over 8 years of continuous travelling. I love this city, its secrets, its history and its open mindedness. After enjoying employment in a range of roles across the Travel Industry, my heart lies at the foundation of it, sharing the world with other people and hopefully inspiring and educating travellers in the pockets of the planet I know well. I am 29 years old, have travelled to over 50 countries, lived in 5, and learnt enough along the way about cultures, society, and food and drink to write a novel. I hope to share your time in Amsterdam with a tailored tour that suits your preferences, be it general sightseeing, coffeeshop and red light district tours, alternative tours and I even have access to beer bikes should that be something that takes your fancy!


I have worked for establihed companies such as Topdeck, guiding 18-35 year old's around Europe up to 30 days at a time, hosted guests on board the Rocky Mounatineer Scenic Train in Canada, as well as spent summer seasons in The Balkans hosting guests on board The Yacht Week. All of this experience has lead to one thing, a desire to share amazing experiences with like minded people and giving something back along the way.


I have a passion for music having played guitar for 15 years, I am also an excellent close-up magician, and enjoy relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book.


Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Canada, USA, Brazil, Peru, Fiji, India, Nepal, Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Abania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic,.....


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