Sinan B.

    42, Male



    Language(s): Turkish, English, French (beginners), Spanish (beginners)
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I'm a simple guy but sometimes I can be very surprising and fun. I may seem to be reserved at first sight but I can be quite talkative if I find someone listening. I like to travel when conditions are suitable and write about my travels in my blog. I can say I'm an avid explorer of my own city. I'm not a guide, and I don't like to be treated as a guide or assistant who tells historical information and shows directions but instead a friend who keeps company while discovering Istanbul. I like to discover my city with foreigners. They taught me a lot. I prefer to visit historical and cultural parts of the city, take photos. I'm not a pub crawler or party animal. I'm irrelevant to pub/bar/club scene of Istanbul so don't expect me to join you for a beer but I like to discover foodie corners.


I like to show around when my foreign friends come to Istanbul. I also like to give advices about Istanbul or Turkey in general.


Cinema, music, concerts, art, art exhibitions, history, architecture, photography, literature, comic books, festivals, food...


Italy (Rome), Vatican, Cuba (Havana), Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, FYROM-Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro (Kotor), Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Ukraine (Kiev), Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.

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