Caron M.

Caron M.



    51, Female

    Masters in Tourism

    Local Guide Expert

    English, Italian, Spanish
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My first love and city mastered was the Eternal City of Rome, where I taught English in a Master's program at UET. The University of EU Tourism is located outside the Papal walls of Vatican City. I enjoyed teaching and being around the students very much, their youth is contagious. As I've traveled around the entire country, I discovered the beauty in each region, as well as the wine and culinary wonders. I have been blessed with a gift when it comes to guiding children and the disabled throughout this country. Nothing is a challenge for me and I enjoy seeing each of these places with people who thought they would never get there, life is meant to be lived! I look forward to hearing from you and booking our special shore excursions or tour together. Always remember that Travel is the one thing you buy that makes you richer!


I am an Expat from the United States, I have been blessed to live and travel this beautiful country called Italy for the past 12 years. Please know that you have made the right choice to book through Local Guddy, as we are the best of the best in the industry.


My guiding experience is throughout all of Italy's Regions and the hillside medieval towns in between them. During my tours, I explain and make certain that you have the opportunity to experience all of the local monuments, historical items and art culture that one can obtain in a day. My guiding is based on the TRUE ITALIAN EXPERIENCE. The Slow Food Movement tour started in Italy because of how the food is prepared and my tours will take you to taste it all, fresh cheese, the award winning wines and truffle pasta. . . not to mention the lemoncello in Sorrento after a day in Pompeii.


France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Morocco, UAE, Thailand, Sri Lanka, United States, Malta, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium


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