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I'm a private wine guide, your personal Sommelier, a local wine lover. I was born here, in Cortona, Tuscany and always lived here with my family, a local family been here more than 5 generations, of course, generations of winemakers for the fam, not to sell, kind of family's proud passed by dad to children. it was not so hard for me to understand and learn more every day about wines of my region, Tuscany, where wine is part of our culture and life. All my experience is supported by all the opportunities I had to learn directly from the producers I closely worked with, I love their hard hand work that they put into winemaking, that still today is the true expression of the terroir in that lovely fermented, aged grapes' juice.


All Tuscany is a great place for discovering some of the best wines in the world. with my services, I would like to bring you a fulfilling experience and cant' wait to share my knowledge with you. wine tour with a guide will be the perfect full experience for any level of wine lovers, for discovering, for learning, to see how and why these people, in this land, can make great wines like Brunello in Montalcino, Nobile in Montepulciano but also the most popular like Chianti Classico and a less well know like Cortona with its syrah, merlot, and cabernet. a guided wine tour in one of these locations will let you have a real feeling with a winemaking life, from the vineyards where is possible for me explain all about the vine, the ground and grape (terroir) outdoor, indoor all the wine process from grapes to the bottle, how match these wine and local food, how buy it helping you with the values (quality/price) , but the most exciting will be have met the family owner of the winery the people who hand-made the wine we will have the opportunity to taste and drink, you will be able to connect a taste with places and people, that will be my bigger goal! How does it work? there is not a packed tour, I know and I'm very close to many winemakers in Tuscany, but most of them are small producer, boutique wineries and it's harder to get their free time, that is why I need to know, before to plan and book, your interest, curiosity to find the best for you to plan together; we can also mix up two areas and visit both in the same guided wine tour.


I'm interested of course in wine, my favorites are Brunello and Barolo, I also love sparkling rosè and mineral whites. I love sports, nature and Ducati.


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