Danis E.

    32, Male


    Language(s): English and Chinese
Last online: More than 2 weeks ago

Hi nice to meet you,my name is Danis. I am currently living in the Western part of Singapore. I have travelling to most of Southeast Asia like Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos and Malaysia for the last few years. Looking forward to travel to Europe in the next couple of years. Being an introvert myself,I have travelling on myself from the start. I like the freedom to see whatever I want to see at my own pace. At the same time during I met some friends which took the trouble to show me around their country. Therefore I will like to have the opportunity to show others my country as well.


Basically I would like to show people around and recommend good places or food to eat. The delight in their face and complement I receive whenever I recommend really makes me happy and looking forward to showing them more places. Therefore before showing any recommendations,I will try to understand the person's interest and what are they looking for. I have always been an in-depth traveler meaning I will travel the same place over and over again. This will help me see things I may not see before and have understanding of the place. Therefore why not show people around when going to the same place as I will like to know more about the place anyway. At the same time it is an opportunity to know more friends.


Travelling,Soccer,Nature,Leisure Walk.



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