Shane E.

    26, Male

    Spanish Student, English Teacher, Husband, Adventurer, Memory seeker.

    Language(s): English, Basic Spanish
Last online: More than 2 weeks ago

Hello everyone! My name is Shane Erickson. I'm originally from Rochester, Minnesota USA but one year ago I decided to shake my small-town, midwestern roots for Barcelona, Spain. I've been coming to Barcelona for years. It was the first city I visited Europe and it's where I met my wife! In that time i've scouted out some of the most top-notch and must-experience places that I always go back to (even while living here!). Come along with me and let me show you the best in Food, Art and History this amazing city has to offer!


I have a passion for people and experiences. I truly enjoy sharing what I love with others. Life in Barcelona (and in general) is a wonderful symphony worth getting excited for and sharing! A moment in time sharing a place, a feeling and creating a life lasting memory which can never be stolen. Pictures and videos get lost or deleted, souvenirs break or ware BUT a wonderful memory is bulletproof and timeless.


Food, Art, History, Music.


USA, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia.

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