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    Veterinary Medicine @ Universitá Autónoma de Barcelona


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I'm an italian student of Veterinary Medicine, spending a year in Barcelona to study like the Erasmus Exchange Programme. I speak English, Spanish and Italian. Since I was a child I love travelling and discovering new things about a city, like a real citizen of that city. I'm into studying History of arts and getting informations about historical and curious anecdote. But must of all I love showing the city to the people, free to express my guiding passion! As I'm so into knowing very well a city, I already know all the hidden places, or some awesome views of this marvellous place!


I love showing the city to friends and travelers, explaining historical, artistical and arquitectural anecdotes that normally people don't know!


Arquitecture, History of Arts, arts, History, Nature, animals, food, day and night life


Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Mexico.


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      Mona R.
      Mona R.

      TOUR: An unusual walk through Barcelona

      I was particularly fortunate to have chosen Vincenzo as a tour guide. He was communicative before the event, ensuring that I got the most direct transportation to our meeting point and that my needs were met along the way. It just so happened that his taste for nature an mine coincided and so I was treated to the beautiful parks and gardens at Montjuic. It was my last day in Barcelona and I wanted to do many things. We managed to do all but one of what I wanted. I totally enjoyed our visit to Poblesec and my introduction to Pinchos. I returned later in the night, by myself (with directions from Vincenzo) to soak up the night time ambiance of the place. He didn't take too long on drawn out explanations and so we were able to cover a lot. I especially loved the Boqueria Market. I would highly recommend Vincenzo as a guide. He is knowledgeable, thorough and quiet amenable to the wishes of his clients