Firdevs D.

    18, Female

    Food Engineering @ Istanbul Technical University


    Language(s): English, French (a bit but I am working on it 😁), Arabic (I am also working on that one 😁😁), Turkish
Last online: More than 2 weeks ago

I am Firdevs. I was born and raised in Istanbul so it's more than a city for me. I really love meeting with new people and learning new cultures. I am an optimistic and open minded person. So no need to step back from me because differences make us beautiful 😊 . I also love learning new languages (at least I am trying to πŸ˜…). I want to improve my language skills and have fun while practicing. So we are both gonna be guides actually πŸ˜„.


I have a plan about traveling for the rest of my life , so in that site I can meet with people from other countries also travellers to take inspiration and ideas. I also want to improve and learn new languages, so I thought this site would be good for that. I am a university student and in such a crowded city with big plans, I must start to learn stand by my own feet and make money and experience. So hope I can find the things that I am expecting.


Music, travel , New cultures, books, philosophy, art, languages, I love animals sooooo much, I also love kids , helping people, extreme sports.


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