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Welcome to ISTANBUL! You will be fall in love with Istanbul. I will help you to see the most populous places, taste the most delicious Turkish food and have the most magnificent memories in this big city. I was born in Istanbul, my university life was in European side. Besides I am living in Anatolian side of Istanbul. Taking photography, picking lots of memories, buying special things, eating delicious tastes are my hobies. I love seesighting in my city. I have been travelling for years and ı had lots of domestic travels. Besides I continue to travel other countries and you have a chance to do a comparison with other cities with me while smelling Istanbul. You can also check my social media pages to see my experiences. I am a foodie in zomato and ı know very best places to eat something. Please contact with me to organise your trip. I can help you to do your travel plan and this plan will be customized to you due to your interests and your selections. If you want to do a travel plan "One day - All Istanbul" - Yes we can do You can also select only Anatolian Side or only Europian side. I can also help you if you want a religionous trip due to your religion. Trust me and Enjoy!


I like travelling, ı love Istanbul.


Historical places, taking photography,


Singapur, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Montenegro, Thailand, Holland

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