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2 Hours  

Local Guddy


If you like humorous history, quirky facts and solving mysteries, this tour in the heart of London is for you! We will walk around some of London's most famous areas and familiar landmarks. Everything in the tour is completely factual – but it's not the stuff you learnt at school. We’re going to discuss religion, drinking, and even have a bit of 1800's brothel banter. It's about experiencing the hidden sides of London that were right in front of your eyes, but you never noticed. We will discover the secret behind the flowing of the River Thames, the origins of the name “Covent Garden” and try to solve the mystery of the headless statues. I'll also be providing recommendations for anything else you need in London. Highlights include: - How the Americans stole coffee from the British (honest!) - The only street in London where we drive backwards - London's most notorious brothel and the now-extinct police force that shut it down - The last Victorian gas lamp in the city and much more... Whether it is your first time in London or you’re a local curious about the alternative tales the city has to offer, this tour is a great introduction to London's alternative history.

Prefered Meeting Point: Covent Garden tube station

Prefered Meeting Time: 11.30am

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