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show you all museums, and hot attractions.1. Entrance - Upon entering the Teton Flood Museum you will be greeted by the Museum Curator or one of the Museum volunteers. There is a charge for admittance. The various parts of the museum will be pointed out including the possibility of watching one of the various viewing presentations. There is also a small gift shop at the entrance where historical books and souvenirs are available. 2. Mountain Men - There is a general display of traps, etc., and pictures with a few stories. Fort Henry is the most prominent of the local historical sites located north of Rexburg about seven miles on 2nd East. There is a highway marker near the site of the fort near the Snake River. The fort was about a half mile east of the sign. Andrew Henry led the first mountain man group into the valley and established this fort as a place of shelter for the winter of 1810-11. 3. Beaver Dick - Richard Lee was the last of the mountain men and had lived just west of Rexburg. History suggests that he received his nick name from Brigham Young because of the way his front teeth protruded. He guided several government groups and his name and his 1st wife’s name are left in the area. 4. Pioneer Heritage - This pioneer woman sitting in her wicker chair is looking wistfully and almost dreamily as she contemplates her future of forming a home in the wilderness. This display begins the pioneer exhibits. 5. Kitchen - The kitchen display features the cabinet at the center of the picture. This was one of the cabinets built by the Mormon pioneers in Salt Lake City. There was a furniture business in the early days of the Utah pioneers. 6. View of Cases - Several cases are on display throughout the museum similar tothese. They contain collections of differing interest on aspects of Idaho and Eastern Idaho interest. 7. Historic Firearms - These guns have been found in historical sites or donated to the museum. They represent a cross section of guns that were used in the civilizing of the West. 8. Military Display - Many people have served in the armed forces over the years of Rexburg’s history. The first Rexburg militia’s served in the Spanish-American War. In the area of today, there are many veterans of the various wars since then. This display is mostly of WWII but has some items from other wars. 9. USS REXBURG - The ship’s bell for this ship is on display in the museum. The ship was built in 1944. It was 184' long and 33' wide. It was used for patrols and rescue in World War II. 10. Idaho International Dance and Music Festival - This is a display of gifts received by the City of Rexburg from visiting dancers who are honored each year at a Mayor’s Reception. There is also a list of the teams who have attended each year and a list of the chairperson for that year. 11. Madison Schools - Madison High School graduated its first class in 1930. In this display are pictures of the schools, some of the classes, along with several banners that were won for sports and spelling. 12. Farming - This display has pictures of historical farming techniques. There is a one horse drawn potato planter. Also there is a plow known as “the plow that won the west”. There are various small tools. 13. Ranching - Saddles on display including one that was owned by Pawnee Bill, who rode with Wild Bill Hickock in his Wild West shows. Several brands are there along with an assortment of horseshoes. 14. Teton Flood 14-1. Corner display - Pictures of the dam breaking, pictures of the flood. Also a display case containing artifacts of the flood and a couple of scrapbooks. 14-2. Model of Dam - Built by the Bureau of Reclamation after the dam burst but showing the completed dam. It is a scale of 1' to 1000'. There is a sequence of events listed here also. 14-3. Pictures - These are official pictures from the BOR of the breaking of the dam, the flood, and the recovery. There are also maps of the width of the flood in Madison and Fremont counties. 14-4. Film Room - Large/framed pictures of the flooding. These are black and white. There are CD’s of the flood, of the Yellowstone Park fires, and other historical events.

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