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Nestled in the hills 17 kilometers northwest of Vezirköpru in Samsun Province, is a breathtaking lake and rock facing named the Şahin Kaya (lit. Hawk Rock) Canyon. The area is so remote, many locals in Samsun province haven't visited or even know even know about it! The road to the canyon is full of twists and turns through a half dozen small villages, but the destination is well worth the effort. The area surrounding the canyon used to be mostly dry ground, but it's modern day appearance lends itself to flooding created by the nearby Altınkaya Dam. The dam was built in the 1980's as part of the Kızılırmak (Red River) system. Steep rock facings beckon adventurous climbers and wondrous natural beauty awaits the casual day-tripper. For those who've explored the American West, the canyon recalls the Gates

Prefered Meeting Point: Samsun,Atakum

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