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4 Hours  

Pub Crawler


I can take you to the alternative bars and introduce you to a couple of friends, we can hang out, drink some beers. It can either be something really relaxed and fun to ending up in an after at someone's house. You name it (; This is not a specific tour, we can make the plans as we go along, if you really prefer quantity over quality, I can definitely create a 5 bar/disco tour and we can bar hop. Or we can just let the night take us wherever it wants to take us.

Prefered Meeting Point: Metrocentro, Managua

Prefered Meeting Time: 8:30pm

Is suitable for:

The price includes:

Transportation Breakfast  Lunch  Dinner  Dessert  Snacks Drinks Entrances Airport Pickup Tickets +Show More

Transportation methods:

On foot, Taxi


per person

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