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ATTENTION! Tour includes preparing all necessary documentation for permission on visiting Chernobyl Zone. Depart Kiev and travel to the city of Chernobyl, famous as the site of the nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. Watch a film about the tragedy before arriving at the Dityatki checkpoint, where you will go through passport control and listen to important information from your local guide before you proceed. Enter the "30-kilometer" exclusion zone and investigate how the city, while largely abandoned, is still populated with local workers and policemen along with shops, a post office and café. See sights such as the museum, St. Elias Church, Park of Glory, river port and memorial to the liquidators who rushed to reactor number 4 in the immediate aftermath of the explosion. Look at the new confinement from the viewing platform of reactor number 4, and explore the complex engineering solutions designed to transform it into an ecologically safe system. You might even get the chance to communicate with the plant employees. Travel to the abandoned village of Zalessie, where the population of 2,000 people before the accident has dwindled to the few dozen who chose to return. Look at the abandoned huts, schools and livestock complex, and see the monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Visit the village of Kopachi, just 4 kilometers from the site of the accident. A once thriving village, Kopachi suffered radiation damage during the disaster and a decision was taken to bury the entire village under layers of earth. Discover untouched monuments, such as the monument to soldiers, a kindergarten and a machine-tractor station, along with mounds marked with radiation warning signs. Go to the “Black Pearl” of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, and walk the abandoned streets of Pripyat. See the abandoned amusement park and the ghost-like Ferris wheel. Visit the pool of Lazurnyi, where the first victims were brought. Other highlights of this haunting location include the building of the executive committee, Hotel Polesie and a secondary school. Journey to the site of the Red Forest, where the full extent of the radiation was felt. Authorities took the decision to cut the forest down and, while trees have started to grow again, you will look at it from a safe distance as the radiometer shows the impact of the damage. Return to Kiev, stopping at the Dityatki checkpoint to check the radiation levels on your clothes before you proceed.

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