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..It's none of the 1324213 -Walking-Tours in Lisbon, it's none of the 33200 Hostel-Tours in the city centre... No, it's not a experience for everybody, not for every tourist and not for people who expect historical stuff. No, my offer is in the present, in 2017, today and on time. My offer is modern, alternative and something special. We start with a walk around the city, around Miradouro Graca, Alfama and the Castle, surrounded by Streetart and the vibe of Lisbon Visited my favorite location in Lisbon, a city´s project with 5 different artists. Created a fucking boring place to a colourful and stunning place in this Capital - amazing and unforgettable, you can take photos as much as you want, but I prefer, just enjoy this magic-moments and think about why this artist draw this art in a different way. What emotions does he had during that time? What visions and ideas? And why at this place?? After that amazing views, we will go down near the river, take a drink and enjoy the wide view of the water, normally there is life music and cosy places. I will show u my favorite coffeeshop near Cais de Sodre or if we are early enough, we can drive by metro to a place there you get the best coffee In Lisbon. But why alternative ?! - In the end of our unforgettable day, we have two options: 1. Go to the LX and the underground part of Lisbon, grab a beer, talk with artists and round off the day 2. Go to Anjos/Intendente , the international and alternative part of Lisbon. Many bars, a great kitchen and most times live music Together with ne we will visit the great, colorful and alternative parts of my new home. But why with me? A guy who grew up in Germany, Munich and is here not more than one year, why not a "real" local ..? Many questions... To be honest, I am not a Portuguese man and didn't grow up in Lisbon.. But: I travelled a lot in different parts of the world and talked there with real locals, get a lot of nice inputs and experienced so much I hitchhiked from my old home to my new home in Lisbon, across Austria, Italy, France and Spain. Now I am here, and happy. In Munich i explored a lot of the real scenery of alternatives there, you think the "snobby" Munich didn't have alternatives? Your wrong, maybe not as like in Berlin but the do, and Lisbon also have that great community, great places and great projects and events. I explored a lot in Lisbon about that topic in my first weeks in that town, walked a lot, talked a lot with people and now the most locals a talked about this locations didn't know them, although the grew up there. And they want me as their guide, as a friend who show them "my" Lisbon. My home. So go for it, give it a try and explore Lisbon on a different way, apart from the mass tourism with a "new" local. I am glad to hear from u! See u, mate! It will be fuckin´ awesome!!

Prefered Meeting Point: Graca

Prefered Meeting Time: thats not important, Lisbon has different vibes on different dates, times and days. Let me surprise you.

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