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Pub Crawler


Trying out every bar in the town is not possible for short term visitors. Thus, your beloved Guddy Can chose the best ones for you. I hear you saying "what if they re not my type.. too loudy or too dreary." Here I do a revolutionary campaign for you, wanderers ! Let me know about your style and I will decide the places for you. Jazz, Rock or Techno ? No worries! The main frame will be something like; -Meet up around and get to know each other in a garden (according to your taste). -A bar where you can be the bartender and do your own drinks behind the bar. -A bar of your style, -Rumbling belly? Lets find some Romanian snacks , -A bar of your style, -A live music of your style( If you choose to enjoy the night as well). Please inform me about: -The food that may cause you discomfort, -Disability status, -Your time preferences in advance.

Prefered Meeting Point: Piata Unirii Starbucks

Prefered Meeting Time: 21:00

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On foot, Taxi


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      Erik H.

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