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We will give a start to our trip from Palace of the Normans which was the seat of the Kings of Sicily during the Norman domination and served afterwards as the main seat of power for the subsequent rulers of Sicily.To be able to see the building inside we will pay 10€ per person and while you are watching the wonderful mosaics, the wooden roof, elaborately fretted and painted, and the marble incrustation of the lower part of the walls and the floor, I will inform you about the total history of the building. Then, we will pass through Porta Nuova which is a monumental city gate which represents the entrance of the Cassaro (the main and most ancient street of the city), and move towards The Catedral. The Cathedral of Palermo is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Palermo. It is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.As an architectural complex, it is characterized by the presence of different styles, due to a long history of additions, alterations and restorations, the last of which occurred in the 18th century. We will have the chance to see this great construction inside for free and we will be able to see it's terrace with a great view for 5€ each. After visiting the Cathedral, we will give a coffee break at an ancient bar just opposite of the Cathedral. Having our coffee, we will walk along the way to another terrace of Palermo which has a perfect view for 2,5€. Then we will visit some old souvenir shops and do shopping. Along the way we will stop at Quattro Qanti which is a Baroque square. After the information I will give you we will see Piazza Pretoria close to Quattro Qanti. Afterwards we will move in Via Maqueda to eat traditional food of Sicily, drink limoncello, taste great ice cream with briosche and at the end of the way we will see the biggest theatre in Italy, Teatro Massimo. We will walk along the little streets of the city after Teatro Massimo to reach Piazza San Domenica. Passing through we will arrive at Vucciria which is one of the famous open market in Palermo. Then we will go directly to Palermo Central Train Station, passing by famous Antica Focacceria S.Francesco and eating traditional delicious Sicilian pastry. Walking along Piazza Sant'anna and Piazza Rivoluzione we will arrive at Palermo Central Station and we will go to another famous open market Ballaro'. We will do shopping from the locals and we will finish our tour at Quattro Qanti drinking delicious handmade wine at Bisso Bistrot. P.s.I can wait for you outside of those places but if you would like me to accompany you, I will need to ask you to buy one 1 entrance ticket because they are not included in tour price.

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      Melanie K.

      TOUR: The Magical History of Palermo

      We did the "The Magical History of Palermo" Tour and we enjoyed it a lot. Gamze didn't mind that we wanted to shorten the tour a bit. If you're not looking for the typical guide tour through a city where you hear so many dates and historical stuff that you forget it the next minute, this is the right thing to book. It helped us so much to figure out where to go for dinner and where to have drinks. Gamze was also so cute to take pictures of us or with her together. If you travel alone, this is just perfect. Picture a friend in a new town and you get to see the coolest spots of the city plus someone is taking pictures of you. Couldn't be any better. I can highly recommend to try out this tour. You'll have fun!



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