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Bari is the capital city of Puglia's region, is one of the most important commercial ports in Italy but it still keeps hidden a lot of beautifull places that you should see when you visit it. Today, Bari seems almost like two separate towns a modern one and a picturesque old one. We can start our tour from the city center by crossing at first the piazza Umberto and have a look at the universite of Aldo moro. Following the main shopping street with the most famous brands which is a part of the famous Murat's quarter we will find the Palazzo Mincuzzi ,where is housed the Unitied Colors of Benetton, then we can be directed at theatro Petruceli, palazzo dell' Acquedotto and theatro Margherita. After this we can go at the old city of Bari where you will need for sure a camera for a lot of pictures. We can start from piazza Mercantile where you could taste also a typical italian gelato. Our exploration at the historic attractions will be crowded into a maze of narrow streets. We will visit the Basilica di San Nicolas which is one of the finest achievements of Romanesque architecture in Apulia. Wandering in the old town we will meet a lot of churches like the Cathedrale di San Sabino, the Madonna del lume Tabernacolo, the catholica di S.Anna and many others for those who are lovers of historical architectural buildings.On the west side of the old town we will see the Castello (castle), originally a Byzantine-Romanesque building.Close to the area is also the Palazzo Fizzarotti a building with a gorgeous facade. We can continue with a walk on Vittorio Emanuele II street which seperates the city at the modern and the old one and then walking along the Lungomare Nazario Sauro (enjoying at the same time the sea view) where is the Palazzo della Provincia, which contains the Pinacoteca Provinciale. In the end of this street there is the beach Pane Pomodoro where Italians like to go for relaxing if you have still energy we can finish our tour there! Of course I can suggest you the best places to eat the typical Italian food and especially where you will find the best pizza.

Prefered Meeting Point: Aldo Moro - Central Station

Prefered Meeting Time: 10.00

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