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You my know that Riga, the largest and central city in Baltic states, through centuries has hosted people of various nations. Besides local Latvian culture one can spot here traces of German, Swedish, Russian influences. You may also know that after WW2 Latvia has been under occupation of USSR for 45 years. As by time German, Latvian and Swedish cultures in Riga have mostly melted to certain extent, Russian community which had grown in its numbers significantly during occupation, still stands separately. This reflects also in Riga nightlife where side by side you may find pubs and clubs of totally different feeling. In this tour I'll take you to at least 2 pubs mostly preferred by Latvians and at least 2 pubs mostly preferred by Russians. In short time you'll have insight of how differ these two cultures in pubs and also what are differences within each of them. BUT. We'll start in a restaurant where you'll get to know what traditional Latvian food is like. And then after paying visit to those pubs you'll be able to decide if you liked Latvian ore Russian style entertainment. So according to that decision I'll take you to relevant club for you to enjoy the night.* So to be clear: 1. We start with a restaurant of Latvian traditional food; 2. Then we go to couple of "Latvian" and a couple of "Russian" bars; 3. And finish our tour in one of Riga's night clubs. Sure, on our way from one location to the next one I'll introduce you to the places we pas by and supply you with essential information making your stay in Riga easy and convenient. Please note that clubs in Riga (in difference from pubs and restaurants) have entrance fees varying from 5 to 20 euros which are not included in payment for tour. On your wish I may adapt your to more specific places. We have here also some spots of alternative, underground, gay ore other scenes. Just let me know.

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