2 Hours  
5 people max.

Local Guddy

Lets be real, Amsterdam is about as quirky as it gets. But what is it really all about? The naughty red light district, the photo opportunities along Amsterdam's many canals, wonky buildings, or even the weird marijuana laws that no one really understands? On this 2 hour tour, I will not only bring you to the beautiful attractions of the city, but explain their origins and historical value as opposed to aimlessly wondering the city, leaving plenty of time on your trip to head back to any spots you enjoyed the most, or continue your travels in the knowledge no stone has been left un-turned on the top sights of this beautiful city. FInd out the truth behind the skinny canal homes, the secrets of the ladies in the windows, and the wild history of Newmarkt square. An amazing city with so much to offer, shown to you by yours truly... Amsterdam's biggest fan!

Prefered Meeting Point: Dam Square

Prefered Meeting Time: 11am

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On foot


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