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Cape Town  
4 Hours  

Local Guddy


We start our Cape Town Beach Half Day Tour off, in Cape Town city where we will meet, before beginning our journey towards the beaches of Cape Town's alternative coast. These are some of the most beautiful beaches due to their never ending nature and fine white sand that travels far into the misty distance. One of the major landscape photography attractions here is the stunning angle of Table Mountain over the ocean While we are here I will teach you some secret photography tips on how to move the mountain closer to your subject, making it much larger than normal. We will also talk about leading lines for better landscape composition Once we have finished exploring and taken great photographs of the white Cape Town beaches, we will continue our Cape Town Beach Half Day Tour journey up, along the coastline towards a lighthouse and bridge. Here I will show you some great photography tips on what to look for in black and white photography, as well as a neat trick, on how to shoot through fences or windows, without getting them in your photo. The bridge sits over a large river, that runs along the coast and makes for some great scenic landscape photos. Its also home to many seagulls and other birds. Once done here, we will head to a beach restaurant for lunch. Before heading into one of the local favorite restaurants, we will take some photos of the beach, ocean and Table Mountain again, but from a slightly different perspective. Looking the other way, behind us, will give you a magnificent view of an untouched coastline, with lush green vegetation running alongside it. By now, all this beach photography has worked up quite the appetite, so we take our Cape Town Beach Half Day Tour up into a very special restaurant with a deck overlooking the beach that we just photographed. The stunning view, isn't the only thing this little gem offers however, as their selections of delicious burgers, pizzas and salads are amazing. Drinks will be on your own account, but you are welcome to order some. Once our bellies are full from the delicious lunch, our Cape Town Beach Half Day Tour continues to our last stop for the day. We head off to a nearby wetland sanctuary, which is home to many wild birds. Here we will run through some photography basics of how to get the best shots of fast moving animals such as birds. The sanctuary is a lovely slow circular walk along a path, between bushes and reeds. While we walk, we need to keep our eyes open to try to spot some rare birds to photograph. We will also stop at some specially built,bird huts for us to get really close to the birds without them seeing us. The wetlands aren't just for birds and offer some great landscape photography opportunities. Once done here, we will head back to the city

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