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Cape Town  
4 Hours  

Local Guddy


A delightful Cape Town City Sunset, half day tour, starting in the late afternoon at a coastal garden park. Once we have discussed some photography tips and tricks we head to a lighthouse before venturing down the coast, to enjoy some of Cape Town’s gorgeous beaches, promenade bike ride and finish off the day at a secret mountain rock viewpoint for sunset. We start our Cape Town Sunset Tour off, in one of Cape Town's most beautiful garden parks, right along the ocean coast. The luscious green garden has many great photography opportunities, including ponds, streams, bridges, walkways, a waterwheel and plenty of small animals such as ducks and geese. All this with a fantastic view of the Cape Town Stadium and Table Mountain in the background. Here I will explain some camera and photography basics to you, showing you what to do to get the best photographs with your phone or DSLR, before we move on to the take a few photos of the oldest lighthouse in Cape Town. After having explored and taken many great photographs at the coastal garden park and Cape Town lighthouse, we will continue our Cape Town Sunset Tour journey along the coast to some secret viewpoints that only locals know of, and that not many other tours will take you to. To add even more adventure to our day (and get a feel of being a Cape town local), we will make use of Cape Town's pristine bus system to get us there. After a quick 10 minute drive we will hop off the bus and head to our first viewpoint, where you will get many great photographs of the ocean splashing over massive granite rocks, We will walk along the coastal road and pass a large variety of viewpoints for stunning landscape scenery shots, before we stop for ice cream and bicycle rides After our coastal photo walk, the next part of our Cape Town Sunset Tour is an exciting one! We stop at a humming little social spot along the coastal promenade, to take some photos of a very unique, ocean based public pool. While here you can choose to buy some snacks or ice-cream before we set out on an exciting, but relaxed bicycle ride along the rest of the coastal promenade. We will make many stops along the way to photograph some local statues and art as well as some stunning landscape views of Cape Town. Should the tide be high, we will see some huge splashes of waves coming over the promenade wall - lots of fun! Once done we will head back to end off the Cape Town Sunset Tour with a sunset on a mountain viewpoint Then of course, no Cape Town Sunset Tour would be complete without the finale, a gorgeous sunset on top of a mountain viewpoint, high up in the sky, overlooking the whole of Cape town and its stunning white beaches. Here I will show you some valuable and professional photography tips, that I personally use to capture my sunset photos on a daily basis. It is recommended that you bring a tripod for this. There are lots of pocket sized tripods you can buy, for phones and DSLRs to get the best results. Here we will sit relax, photograph and enjoy as the Cape Town sun, sets behind the ocean horizon, before head back to the town drop off point.

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