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3 Hours  

Pub Crawler


Hi everybody! In this tour, you will be going to a few of the most popular bars in Bologna. Simultaneously, you will be sightseeing as we move from place to place. Off course, being a city centered around students, the tour will start around the University area. This tour is for you if you want a glimpse of what a night (or day) out in Bologna is like. Off course, you will not only be drinking at random pubs throughout the tour... Being a student myself, I know how boring that sounds. So expect a few unexpected turn of events. The bottom line is; If you are looking for a crazy night/day/morning tour (whatever you are in to).... This tour is for you. It's a way of having fun whilst learning something (which you won't remember the next day... but that's ok right?) Ps: The tour lasts as long as you want and you are free to propose ideas of where to go/what you would like to visitor know about. Basically, I'm free to any suggestions and visiting/explaining anything.... WELL: as long as it involves drinks, off course. REMEMBER: I will propose a few ideas, however it is up to YOU to decide what you want to do, where you want to go and what kind of experience you want. HOWEVER, drinks will be involved. Anyway, for more information about the tour, price or anything else; just contact me. :)

Prefered Meeting Point: Piazza Scaravilli 2

Prefered Meeting Time: Anytime

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