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2 Hours  

Food Walker


If you are curious about the local food, then I would be happy to show you the best local places! I also have a tour, which includes local food cooking at my home, but if you want to go out and see the places where you could taste the local food, then this tour will be for you! At the start we could meet at Laima clock, I could tell you about "Laima" - Latvian chocolate brand and you also will be able to taste this chocolate. Then after we could walk through Old Riga and I would show you where are located the best Latvian restaurants in Riga (I also will be prepared to give you the notes, where that all will be written that you could find it easily after) and then we will walk to Central Market. I will tell you the history of Central Market and reasons why people think that it is impressive and, of course, we will go to the sellers and ask them to taste some typical Latvian foods like marinated and salted cucumbers, cabbage, which are cooked in a special way and other things. As we will be at the Central Market and at some way it reminds of Soviet Union time in Latvia, I also will be able to tell you about the Latvian local foods at Soviet time and some typical food things from each region of Latvia. So if you are interested to taste different things and find out the food history of Latvian food, feel free to book this tour and hope to see you soon! :)

Prefered Meeting Point: Laima clock

Prefered Meeting Time: Morning/ Day time

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On foot


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1. Ask his/her availability for the tour date.

2. You'll be notified via e-mail once he/she confirms.

3. Make the payment online to complete the booking.

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