3 Hours  
5 people max.

Hommy Chef

Rakı is the most known and strongest(40% alcohol) national drink of Turkey. In Turkey, we don't drink it to get drunk and have party after it, we enjoy drinking it in couple of hours, singing songs together, eat some meze and foods. It is going to be totally a different drinking experience for you. We will not drink rakı alone, I will prepare Turkish appetizers for the night. Some of my favourite appetizers for Rakı: *Shepherd’s Salad * Hot spicy tomato dip * Thick yoghurt with garlic and dill * Stuffed grape leaves * Types of cheeses *Turkish Vegetarian Meatballs with red lentils and bulgur *Melon / Water Melon And etc. Beside delicious Turkish tastes and Rakı, we will have Turkish musics and foreing musics. Sometimes we will just listen to music, sometimes we will have a heart-to-heart talk, sometimes we will enjoy the time by signing the songs together :) P.S: I will try to prepare many foods, but some of the appetizers depend on the season they can be grown.

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