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Cordoba was the capital of Islam during the middle ages. In 10 century Cordoba had 1mln inhabitants, 300 mosks, 300 public baths, 50 hospitals, 20 libraries, 80 schools, 17 Universities. Now the main attraction is Mezquita de Córdoba. Mosk which was converted to the catholic cathedral. The beauty of this place is difficult to describe just you have to see. The tickets to Mosk is 8 EUR per person. I'll pick you up from the airport or your hotel and will be your guide for all trip. I have HONDA CRV, which can take 5 people but I have also additional car Citroen C1 which with the driver takes 4 people.All together Max 8 people. The PRICE was calculated for MIN 4 people!!!!

Prefered Meeting Point: Airport , Hotel, Malaga Cruise Port

Prefered Meeting Time: 10-11am

Is suitable for:

The price includes:

Airport pickup
Breakfast  Lunch  Dinner  Dessert  Snacks Drinks Entrances Tickets +Show More

Transportation methods:

Own car


per person


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