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5 Hours  

Local Guddy


This tour is for nature lovers since Cluj has soooo many mysterious, hidden and unseen places for the travellers eyes. Since only a local host can guide you so why not try it. We're gonna walk a lot, so if you are fit and you like sports and natural landscapes this tour is for you. I am planning for this trip to take you to the two most beautiful and mysterious forests of Cluj ,Hoia - Baciu and Faget ,walking them on a hidden pathway that crosses and climbes through old roads of Grigorescu district. We will have time to watch the beautiful up side landscapes and leave the city far behind. Also this is not all, we'll also have the chance to take a walk through the magical sideway of Somes river in Grigorescu and also after crossing the zodiac bridge we'll gonna arrive in the Babes Park where clean air and the silence of the trees await us. Also as a bonus we'll have a walk upwards Cetatuie hill in the Gruia district , where a beautiful landscape panorama of the city will be revealed to us . If you want to see more, just tell me and we can make this a beautiful journey.

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