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Xanthi/İskeçe/Скеча/Ксанти, the noble Lady of Thrace. Amphitheatrically built on the foot of Rodopi mountain chain, Xanthi is located in Thrace (Northern Greece), the crossroads of the Black Sea and the Aegean, Europe and Asia. Kosynthos River divides the city into the west part, where the old and the modern town are located, and the east part, the “Samakov district”, that boasts a rich natural environment The Old Town of Xanthi is known throughout Greece for its distinctive architecture, combining many Byzantine Greek churches with neoclassical mansions of Greek merchants from the 18th and 19th centuries and Ottoman-era mosques. The city’s Old Town could be said to be an open museum, the glory of which remains untouched through the years. What about our program... -->We will definetely get lost into the picturesque routes of the Old Town, take lots of photos and if we are lucky, listen the church bells sound and the muezzin's prayer call at the same time. -->Folk and History Museum of Xanthi is a must-see place in my city. It was founded in 1975 and is housed in the Kougioumtzoglou mansion, in the old city of Xanthi. -->In my opinion, it is also necessary to visit the Municipal Gallery and the House of Culture, in memory of Manos Hadjidakis, one of the greatest Greece's composer and songwriter who was born and raised there. -->If you have plenty of time we could enjoy our breakfast in one of my favourites cafe in Xanthi's Central Square, or just grab a koulouri (circular bread with sesame seeds) with our frappe (coffee) and take a walk at the Path of Life, at the east side of the city, which is full of green and fresh air. Totally recommended for nature lovers! :) -->Ιf you visit my city on Saturday, we won't miss out to go through the famous flea market of Xanthi with its distinctive local flavor taking places at Zoagoras Square. -->At the end of our tour, I could recommend you restaurants, cafe or bars with delicious food, great prices and view. Colourful cultural events organized throughout the year provide another strong reason for visiting Xanthi; experience the party atmosphere of the renowned Carnival of Xanthi, standing out for its focus on the traditions and folklore of the region through a modern approach; the Old Town Festival in September, during which all events take place in the narrow paved streets of Xanthi’s Old Town and the Youth Festival. Nature lovers will discover that Xanthi is an unspoiled paradise: the serpentine river Nestos, its Delta (the unique aquatic forest of Europe) and its passes, the Drymos Forest (or Haidou), Lake Vistonida, the forest village of Erimanthos and Rodopi mountain range with its virgin forests and traditional villages are only some of this destination’s gems. Among the mountain villages stand out the “Pomakohoria”, a cluster of approximately 40 villages north of Xanthi, renowned for their cultural and architectural uniqueness. Action fans and nature lovers will feel excited by the variety of possibilities offered: canoe-kayak in Nestos passes, hiking, cycling, bird watching, archery, off-road driving and horseback riding are only a few of the activities that someone can pursue in Nestos, Livaditis or Vistonida area. Whether you are a history or tradition fan, a lover of nature, a gastronomy specialist wanting to indulge in delicious local specialties and eastern type sweets, or even an entertainment addict seeking to experience the city’s vibrant night life, the region of Xanthi will definitely satisfy even the most demanding ones amongst you. Take the chance to discover this unspoiled destination and let your spirit free to enjoy sounds and colours that will uplift your senses. :))

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