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If you like food as much as me and also like to try local food from where you are, this tour is definitely for you. We will spend about three hours eating in three places - entree, main and dessert. I will make sure they are all within walking distance so we don't have to bother getting public transport or go hungry in between courses! We'll meet at La Strada which is a shopping centre in El Poblado, right on the Av. El Poblado. There will be no restaurant booking as this is not very common in Colombian culture and also I don't want to rush us to get out of one place in order to make it to our booking to the next restaurant. Each person will pay for their food unless we are sharing something as a group, in which case, we will split what is shared. The photos shown here were all find online and don't represent exactly what we will be eating; they are just for illustration purposes.

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