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8 Hours  

Local Guddy


After picking you up from your hotel in Cairo or Giza the tour would be as follows: 1-Sakkara: the famous step pyramid of King Zoser. It was the first pyramid to be built in ancient Egypt, preceding those at Giza by many centuries, & is the work of the famous pharaonic architect, Imhotep. 2- Memphis: served as the oldest capital of Upper & Lower Egypt some 5,000 years ago during the 1st Dynasty. Menes, the first pharaoh of this dynasty, built a great white-walled palace. 3- Pyramids (Giza Plateau): the three Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren & Mycrenos which is considered one of the seven wonders of the world & the Sphinx , The steadfast guard of the land of Pharaohs, carved from one solid piece of limestone.

Prefered Meeting Point: At the lobby of the hotel in Cairo or Giza

Prefered Meeting Time: 8:00 AM

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Transportation methods:

Own car


per person


1. Ask his/her availability for the tour date.

2. You'll be notified via e-mail once he/she confirms.

3. Make the payment online to complete the booking.

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