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3 Hours  

Food Walker


We meet in the fabolous downtown of Budapest, and visit the great market hall, I ll Tell the history of the building, then we taste some Hungarian food like sausage, prickles, and mustard. You will realise that we add red paprika in Almost everything! And mustard is so creamy here. Of course, if you go to a nice restaurant in the city, Still a good idea, but I will connect you directly with the producers! Tastes can not be compared! This is the most Popular market in Budapest, with fresh vegetables and juicy fruits, handcrafted sausages and hams, and also some folk art clothes and Hungarian toast. Almost like a museum actually. At another place, it is a cozy street food area, where I get you to taste the specialities called làngos and the sweet chimney cake which is available in many tastes. Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian, still many food to be tasted. Hungarian alcohols like Unicum and Pàlinka are available on the spots:) At the end of the the tour we have a wine spritzel, Hungarians love it when it is summer. It takes place at the most Popular ruin bar:) I guarantee that you will love the place, it is full of treasures. It will take some time to observe all the details!

Prefered Meeting Point: Great market hall, Budapest

Prefered Meeting Time: 11:00

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