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Our partners that help us build this awesome community:

Erasmusinn logo 67a91fda196bad058a8643a75b1de26aef1bce1f86c3db770e0881bcd3561db2 A housing platform that helps students find off campus housing and make reservations online.
Tour with me logo 0adb2f8e846c04b224ba3c35e2192eb29c6442db44c55d29ef53d53782023c59 A mobile app which provides unique tours in San Francisco & New York.
Babg logo 631201d32e073a8d469f20c4a7cd29397fdfbb134b84cc3e3d3e829b278b61b5 Beabetterguide brings the world's top tour leaders and tourisim businesses together and provide online training for guides and tourisim businesses.
Study abroad apartments logo d7383e9503e390c9ec8b53d39a32ebb5f6f4384ad209dca0c1ff6f9e9ab4379f A marketplace that assists students, interns, and young professionals with booking safe and reliable international housing accommodations.
Urbadvisor logo 6433302264bd350c0ef13b33bbac0d27cec2a667036bcce81b21e1ce0abdd69e A travel search and recommendation engine. You can find destinations from all around the world. Write and read comments, get information about cities.
Internbeds logo aa705a28096d51538133b6e5a6b0aa15ddce27010b536ba2ad38c5327a591238 A marketplace that assists interns with booking safe and reliable housing accommodations.
Voy logo c9c3a0988325a18be368a2f8759c46410c2cfdf6999e847a1b0a39ae4273dd0a A student travel online magazine promoting study abroad and meaningful travel.