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How It Works

For Locals

As a local, you can list your tours and start making extra income and building friendships from around the world by just showing travelers your city! You do not need any special license to do so!

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Choose your guddy tour type:

Local Guddy, Food Walker, Pub Crawler or Hommy Chef

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Add Images

Add images for your Guddy Tours' spots or meals

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Get Paid

Get paid online, secured by localguddy.com

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Show your city

Show travelers your favorite places/meals of the city

For Travelers

As a traveler, find either a licensed guide or a less costly guddy. Sign up, book a guddy, see the city through the eyes of locals and make friends.

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Find unique guddy tours by the locals of the city

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Make Payment

Make online payment, secured by localguddy.com

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See the city through the eyes of a local and make new friends

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