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São Paulo City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy I can point you many tours in different areas. I used to walk around the city a lot and I discovered incredible places by foot! A walk tour around the old downtown of Sao Paulo visiting the mainly touristical points where the city started developing itself. With a visit on the roof of 'Martinelli' building or 'COPAN', indicating the points of the city from upstairs, once we can have a big angle of the city with an incredible landscape. Vila Madalena is an awesome area with great coffee shops, tea shops, sunset square and hippie&veggie markets to be discovered. Besides that, many NGOs headquarters are located there, like Greenpeace. The tour can vary according to the tourist prefrences, going from rock gallery to cult areas like the Theatro Municipal (City Theater). Message me and I am gonna give you the best experience you can have in the biggest city of Latin America. I visited many places, spoke with many people from many cultures and I have a bag full of cool stories to share with other travelers. For more pics from my travels and spots around my city, check my IG: @victorbaldino. NOTE: The visit inside buildings can vary depending on construction repairs.
São Paulo
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