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Riga City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy If you want to party in Riga and get to know the best party places here, then you have chosen a right tour! Before the tour I would need to know what kind of places do you like - hipster, more elegant, loud nightclubs or more calmer places, but in general I offer this tour: We meet at Laima clock what is next to the monument of Freedom, then we could start our evening at one of my favorite bars as there are interesting cocktails and the most important thing - amazing view! I could also tell you about the buildings which can see from this fantastic place. After we could go to some of the following places - a bar which is a bit alternative, but with great cocktails and interesting atmosphere/ the best cocktail bar in Riga/ real Latvian beer place - all around Latvian people, the best Latvian beer and snacks, folk music and dancing. Then I could offer to go to dance and, if you want to let your voice free, of course karaoke. We can go to dance at karaoke place, because there are 3 floors or go to a real nightclub. If you want to go to party on Wednesday, then we will need to take a taxi (it will be on me) and go to a wine evening place which happen every Wednesday evening. Of course, if you only like the wine :) This is just a general description of the tour, but you can contact me and we can change the tour how do you want! I can also make a tour which would include more Latvian Balsam and real Latvian beer tasting, how you prefer! At the tour I also will give you some tips where better not to go, because even Riga is a great party place, unfortunately, at some places people try to use the tourists. But just need to stay away from these bad places and you will have a fun party in Riga! Hope to see you soon! :)
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      From: Varanasi
      To: Riga
      I am looking for scarf wholesalers in the city , big shops which sell scarf and Shawls. +Read More
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      Arrive: 2018-04-11

      Depart: 2018-04-17

      over 3 years ago

      From: Ankara
      To: Riga
      We will have a half-day break from a group tour that we joined. +Read More
      • 2 people
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      Arrive: 2017-08-08

      Depart: 2017-08-09

      almost 4 years ago

      From: Portland
      To: Riga
      Places the local would take their family. Suggestions for eating and drinking. Non tourist +Read More
      • 3 people
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      Arrive: 2017-03-03

      Depart: 2017-03-05

      over 4 years ago

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