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Cebu City City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Let’s explore the historical sights in the Queen of the South. We will explore the downtown area where there are a lot of historical events happened. We will go to museums, landmarks and churches that can help us see a glimpse of Cebu's rich historical culture. NOTE: -The quoted price is for the guide only. -Entrance fees are not included. More or less it will cost $0.50 to $3.00 each. -For entrance fees, you only need to pay for ONE guide. -During the tour, I might bring another person with me. Payment is still the same. -If I'm not available, I can recommend a very nice guide for you. -If you prefer a guide who speaks Spanish and Portuguese kindly let me know.
Cebu City
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      From: Haugesund
      To: Cebu City
      Hi, I would like to see the temple and some cool places and hear the history of Cebu. +Read More
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      Arrive: 2017-05-22

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