Nairobi City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Nairobi is one of the finest foodie destinations on the continent. I'll take you to savour the best of the best in local and global gourmet. Having worked for almost a decade in the local tourism and restaurant scene, I can show you the World within the city. Nairobi has some of the most exclusive fine dining, but if you're really demanding, the city probably caters to your niche too. Ask, and you shall be received! I do fine dining outdoors. My tours & travel partner is registered with the Kenya Association of Tour Operators. Costs of a possible safari are billed by this company. If you are a couple, I can act as your concierge, or if you want we can do a double date. My girlfriend and I have a habit of eating out every now & then. *I'll require to know your food allergies and philosophical or religious limitations for gusto, though. Oh, and I cook too. In my free time I hunt for local wild ingredients and develop a line of confectionaries which can be described as "superfood" by connoisseurs .
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