Turin City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Let's walk through the historical and romantic city of Turin. We will start at Porta Nuova station. Next we will walk on via Roma, toward the heart of Turin. We will arrive in piazza Castello: there are palazzo Reale and palazzo Madama, two ancient royal residences which are now two museums. Next we will walk to Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of Turin. Inside this monument there are the Cinema museum and a lift that allows to see a panoramic view of the city. Continuing, we will walk through piazza Vittorio Veneto, we will cross the Po river and we will find the Gran Madre church and the Cappucini mount. After that we can go see the Valentino park, there is a beautiful 1600's castle and a reconstructed medieval village. Finally we will return to Porta Nuova station.
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