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Fuengirola City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Have you ever not been able to decide what to order? This is the tour for you. Let's take a stroll through Fuengirola's 4 best tapas restaurants with authentic entertainment and cultural experiences at an affordable price. Tapas allows you to have a little bit of whatever it is that you like - all authentically Spanish. What better way to discover lots of new food all in one sitting? And if you don't like something? - no worries, it's just a small plated and not a wasted whole meal. Win-win situation. TIP: Come in November for the Erotic Tapas route - perfect for stag and hen dos, or anyone looking for a giggle. Not suitable for children.Each restaurant has a signature dish that is at a discounted rate with a drink, it is made to look like something erotic. The menu and participating restaurants change each year but the principal is always the same. This route may feature more bars/restaurants if time allows.
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